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Google AdWords Quality Score and It’s Impact on PPC
Digital Marketing

What Is Google AdWords Quality Score and It’s Impact on PPC?

Good “Quality Score” is the key to success for running profitable Google AdWords campaign. You can master PPC by understanding the quality score which is an estimate of the quality of your ads against your targeted keywords and search queries. You can boost the performance of your PPC by improving quality score, so here are […]

by admin
twitter revolutionising ecommerce
Digital Marketing eCommerce

Twitter Revolutionising Ecommerce

Twitter made waves when they brought out their product pages platform thus entering the thriving ecommerce market; they’re allowing retailers to advertise directly through twitter by creating product pages separate from user’s timelines. These pages will contain pictures and information about the product and some will even include a “buy” button which allows users to […]

by Joseph Levy
5 Key Benefits to Responsive Web Design
Emerging Technologies

Google to Penalise Non Responsive Websites

Google announces plans to penalise websites not optimised for smart phones. Google tweaks search algorithm to favor websites that look good and are designed for mobile devices.  Google has updated its search algorithm so that comparable mobile-friendly sites will rank higher than non-mobile friendly sites in mobile search results. The message is clear, if your […]

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How to build a mobile app?
Emerging Technologies

How to build a mobile app?

Most people don’t even think of building a mobile app on their own.  For others it could be an overwhelming experience due to the complexities involved.  Whether your aim is to support your customers, create an ecommerce app, or perhaps a game, don’t let your fears or lack of knowledge prevent you from fulfilling your […]

by Sultan Noori