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10 Golden arrows of information security
Need for Compliance Web Applications

10 Golden Arrows of Information Security

We are sharing 10 Golden Arrows of Information Security for your guidance: 1. Password Control Protect your password(s) at all times Change your passwords regularly and if you believe it has been compromised When you leave your computer – secure it (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and log-off from protected systems Ensure that your password is sufficiently complex that […]

by Sultan Noori
The Art of SEO
Digital Marketing

The Art of Search Engine Optimisation

I was deeply contemplating  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the other day and as I contemplated over the principles, practices and perceptions, I could not help but feel that SEO truly is an art. A digital art, and so as a cheesy pun I thought this week I would write my blog on SEO and the […]

by admin
Need for Compliance

Are we doing enough to reduce identity theft and fraud?

In the past few years, there has been an increase in identity theft reported by various organisations. The economy and the society have to bear billions of pounds of losses caused by identity (ID) theft. According to the Home Office, ID frauds cost the UK economy nearly £1.7 billion a year. Although FSA, Home Office […]

by Sultan Noori
Web Applications

Rich Internet Applications: JSF vs ASP.NET

Rich Internet Applications are Web-based applications that function as traditional desktop applications however Web browsers (or clients) are required to access but unlike traditional applications. The key benefit RIAs possesses is the functionality to interact and manipulate with data, rather than simply visualize or represent it. And that’s the reason users demand their applications to […]

by Sultan Noori