Brand and Web Design for The Reading Foundation

Established in 1986, The Reading Foundation is an educational charity with an aim to acquire, carry on and endow any School or Schools in particular Reading School. The Reading Foundation acts as the landlord to Reading School and is responsible for funding significant projects for the school including the new Refectory. However, The Reading Foundation had no public presence, no logo or website. Tabaq was selected to fill that void and give the charity a new image.


The Challenge

Team Tabaq faced a clear challenge as there was an absece of documentation for the public as to the role The Reading Foundation played for The Reading School.  Team Tabaq also had to coordinate with all the stakeholders including the trustees, The Reading School, RSPA, governors and the school’s archives.

The Outcome

Tabaq got deeply involved with the trustees of The Reading Foundation, the Reading School and other stakeholders to really understand the role the charity plays and its contributions. Over a period of nearly two years, Tabaq worked closely with the stakeholders to create a new brand identity as well as a new website design for the charity. During this time, Tabaq played an active role in creating and writing the content for the website alongside a committee appointed by the foundation for the project.

The Reading Foundation Website Snapshot

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