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7 Tips for creating great product photography

7 Tips For Creating Fantastic Product Photography

by Rachel Bradley

Great photography is needed when you have a product to sell and it becomes vital when you’re trying to persuade people to buy your products. Image quality defines the product quality. Poor quality image = Poor quality product Research suggests that product photography is more important than product price, product reviews or product description. This […]

5 Key Benefits to Responsive Web Design

Google to Penalise Non Responsive Websites

by admin

Google announces plans to penalise websites not optimised for smart phones. Google tweaks search algorithm to favor websites that look good and are designed for mobile devices.  Google has updated its search algorithm so that comparable mobile-friendly sites will rank higher than non-mobile friendly sites in mobile search results. The message is clear, if your […]

5 Key Benefits to Responsive Web Design

5 Key Benefits of Responsive Web Design

by Sultan Noori

Responsive web design is all about creating such websites which automatically tweak themselves to look fine on all kinds of devices, from larger desktops to smart phones and tablets. Once you have developed a responsive website, there is no need to develop any other mobile website. Responsive web design uses flexible layouts, fluid grids, and […]